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It's time we bring our soldiers home

It’s time to bring them home

January 9th, 2014

We want our troops back now!

We all understand that war is sometimes a necessity, and the brave men and women who choose to defend this country are as well. What we have a hard time understanding is the amount of effort put into restoring the countries we are at war with.

It seems like the battle has been won and our fathers, brothers, and sisters have done their job well. It’s time to bring them all home so that they can see their children grow.

We have done our part when it comes to bringing peace to certain parts of the world, however the peace at home is starting to waiver. We love our service members more than any general. We need them just as bad as their brothers in arms do, tenfold.bring them home now

  1. How many children must go to school for the first day without their father or mother to be there with them?
  2. How many young pregnant women must give birth without their spouse there beside them where they belong?
  3. How many tears do we have to shed before there is someone there to catch those tears?

We ask ourselves this each and every night, when it seems like there is a little hope and things may start to change. Enlisted again, time to serve another tour in a country where the war will never end.

Bring our troops back to us.

It’s time to get our service men on the front lines of the fight here at home. It’s tough for all of us, each one of these families has had to find a way to improvise so they can make it in these tough times.

It would be so much easier to do if we had our counterparts with us. Instead of looking for another country or another fight to invade, let’s invade these homes at home. Everyone will forever be grateful!

Bring Them Home Now Tour

It's time we bring our soldiers home